Stone in the Landscape

Starting a new landscaping project is exciting but it can be stressful as well, especially when deciding on building materials. Believe it or not, stone plays a huge role in landscaping projects which is why it is so important to pick the one that works best for you. Whether you are needing it for pavement, stepping stones, a new fireplace, or as lawn edging, it is important to know which selection of stone would be perfect for the job. Below we will talk about the different kinds of stone that we recommend, and which work better for specific projects. Knowing the style, color, shape, and durability that you want, or need will help identify the perfect stone for your project.


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Are you looking for a sophisticated modern look? If so limestone is the perfect stone for your landscaping project. Although most common in contemporary designs, limestone is also often found in more natural and rustic settings as well, making it a very versatile stone. It is silky, almost powdery to the touch, which makes it perfect for providing a luxurious feel to patios and walkways. Limestone is naturally very porous and becuase of this it is prone to algae buildup so avoid using this stone in shaded or very wet areas. Unfortunately, limestone doesn’t come in a wide variety of colors. The most common colors include tans, off-whites, grays, and browns. Limestone still offers a variety of shades within those colors making it easy to satisfy your individual taste. This stone is also a great choice to use as patio pavers, stepping stones, steps, or in a new fireplace. 


Bluestone has a finely-grained, moderately textured surface which naturally makes it a perfect non-slip surface for walkways and pool patios. Unlike limestone, it comes in different shades of blue, green, and gray. When picking a stone color we recommend staying away from darker colors for pool patios as they can get really hot. This stone works perfectly within a contemporary style, although it can work well in just about any other design style. It is most commonly used as stepping stones, pavers, and in backyard features. Bluestone can easily be cut into any shape of your liking making it not only a popular choice but also extremely versatile. This stone has grown in popularity in landscaping design because of its versatility and durability being able to withstand all weather conditions. 

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Flagstone is a popular choice for those wanting a more organic and natural landscape design. These large, flat stones can be used in a variety of landscaping projects including patios, paths, walkways, seating areas, and walls. This stone comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. It's available in reds, pinks, oranges, browns, blues, golds, and even white making it a fun stone to design with. Flagstone also has a natural non slip surface making it perfect for walkways although because of its uneven nature, it is not recommended for pool patios. Not only is flagstone durable but it requires almost no maintenance and if damaged it can easily be repaired. Flagstone also has the opportunity to be a permeable surface by placing plant material like turf, moss, or ground cover between the stone creating a natural relaxing space. 

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Are you wanting to renovate your outdoor living spaces but don't know how to start, let alone what materials you want to use? At 317Grow we have an excellent team that can bring your vision to life. Contact us today to start building the landscape of your dreams, or take a look at our portfolio to see more of our projects.

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