Landscape Design

At 317Grow, we approach our designs from an artistic perspective. We don’t simply customize a basic design to fit your yard – we strive to come to each project with fresh eyes, with each detail tailored precisely to you and your property. Every site and every client is unique, and so every design should be too. In our quest to design the perfect product for you, we spend time getting to know you, your style, and what you believe in. This deep level of understanding is at the core of our design process, helping us create innovative outdoor spaces that enrich clients’ lives. We have a series of phases and steps starting with a consultation and ending with a plan to begin installation. Each step along the way is crucial to ensuring that the project is a success.

The Design Process


To start the process, we like to meet with you on-site and become more familiar with your needs for the project.  This will give you an opportunity to get to know the designer and to see if our company is a good match for you. Following the initial meeting we will provide a quote for design fees, which cover the design team’s professional services through the Schematic Design Phase.  




Each project is unique and requires full analysis of site conditions. Our design support staff will come out to your property to get all the information we need to create a design with a layout and materials that are well suited to the project. This process is especially valuable for ensuring that we select plants that will have the best chance to thrive.

  • Measure the entire site

  • Record spot elevations

  • Collect and test soil samples

  • Photograph and document existing conditions

  • Evaluate site drainage

  • Professional Survey – On rare occasions, such as extremely large or complicated sites, we may require a professional survey. Separate fees will be assessed prior to surveying.



Our team will use the information from the site inventory to create a base plan in AutoCAD. From there your designer will develop preliminary concepts and layouts, ultimately working out the conceptual design.  Our team will create renderings or illustrations of the conceptual design to help you visualize the space. We will develop a plant palette, propose hardscape materials, collect precedent images, and develop a potential construction budget.



Your designer will schedule a meeting to present you with the conceptual design, renderings and illustrations, plant and materials palettes, and potential construction budget (this is not a detailed proposal).  If needed, we will perform one round of revisions as part of the Schematic Design Phase.