You won't find another landscaping company quite like 317Grow. We've built a reputation based on our innovative and unparalleled designs as well as our meticulously maintained landscapes. We thrive on a workplace culture that is fun and laid-back, where creativity is nurtured and individuality is celebrated. We approach the design, construction, and maintenance of landscapes from an artistic perspective, and we cultivate a sense of artisanship and pride in our team at every level of the company. The 317Grow staff are empowered to help customers the way they see fit, and our clients appreciate this candid and personable service.

We believe in working hard, having fun, and giving back. We are especially proud to support many local groups and causes. Keep scrolling to see some of the ways we are involved in our community.

317grow family


Enhancing people's lives with the outdoor environment.

Our mission is simple, yet it captures a huge range of beliefs about who we are and what we do. To us, landscaping isn't just mowing a lawn, building a patio, or planting a tree. It's an investment in the lives of our customers. A well-designed and maintained landscape sets the stage for life-changing memories, from lively block parties to family dinners, weddings to moments of personal discovery. We strive to create outdoor spaces that feel like a natural part of your life, a place where you can come in touch with the wonders of the natural world in your own back yard.


Safety: We put the health and safety of our team members above all else.

Personal Growth: We encourage, support, and expect our team members to develop their talents and realize their dreams.

Honesty: As a team we are truthful, trustworthy, ethical, forthright, and law-abiding.

Partnership: We work collaboratively as a team with everyone focused on finding the best outcome.

Continuous Improvement: Our team relentlessly works to perfect our processes, enhance our services, and reduce waste.

Stewardship: Team members care for their personal well-being, their tools and equipment, finances,
relationships, and the environment.

Community Involvement

We love Indianapolis, and we are committed to doing what we can to make this city a better place. When possible, we enjoy engaging with groups in the city who align with our values. Here is a partial list of areas where we are paying it forward in our community.