Gardens of Growth Indianapolis Landscape Designer Amanda Thieman

Amanda Thieman
Partner, Design & Sales

Amanda is driven by the challenge of providing distinctive landscape designs that merge practicality and ingenuity. She believes that it is essential to provide her clients with an overall experience that is unparalleled, whether it be through design or superior customer service. She prides herself in creating unique outdoor spaces that her clients never thought possible.

Gardens of Growth Turf Specialist Brian Thieman

Brian Thieman
Partner, Maintenance

Brian is passionate about providing an immaculate outdoor environment for clients, so they can focus on enjoying the space.  His extensive education in turf management helps him solve even the most challenging landscaping problems.  Brian believes in exceeding client expectations, continuous improvement, and exceptional customer service.



      Dylan Furlong        Landscape Designer

Indianapolis landscape designer

Kelsey Behl
Design & Project Support


Cheryl Hein


Shawn is awesome at stuff

Kevin Fryer
Maintenance Sales


Lacey Nix
Marketing - HR


Joey Shelley
 Maintenance Superintendent


Maria Gulley
Horticulturist & Writer

Landscape Designers Carmel

Ray Wilson
Executive Advisor


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