This Season...

It's time to be proactive. Want the best landscape in your neighborhood?

Here are the things you should be thinking about going into spring.



We are looking for experienced an Maintenance Foreman and Fieldworkers to join our crew of landscape artisans. Read a bit more about the jobs and fill out an online application to get started. We look forward to meeting our new team members! 


yearly maintenance contract renewal

Beat the rush! Renew your yearly maintenance contract now to avoid any delays. Contact the office for more details. If you'd like to learn more about our yearly maintenance packages, visit our maintenance page or click the button below to get more information. 


get in on landscape design for 2018

Want to enjoy a new pergola, outdoor kitchen or patio this year? Our season is filling up quick, so start planning your landscape design now to get in before the end of the year. Learn more about our process on our design page, or set up a consultation with one of our designers today. 


Seasonal Décor

It's time to call us about spring and summer container design! We offer planter arrangements and in-ground plantings for all seasons. Peruse our seasonal décor portfolio for inspiration, and contact us today if you want us to design something just for you!


Gardener's List - early spring

  • Apply an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer to perennials and shrubs in late March to mid-April
  • Remove any additional leaves that fell through the winter
  • If deer eat your crocuses and other bulbs, start using your deer repellant of choice as flowers emerge. Continue to apply as needed to plants deer love
  • Add a soil acidifier around acid-loving plants such as hollies, azaleas, and rhododendrons
  • Cut back any perennials left over from the fall
  • Prune any dead branches out of roses, hydrangeas, and other sensitive shrubs
  • Spring annuals and container arrangements can go in between late March and late April
  • Put down pre-emergent herbicide in planting beds in late March to mid-April