Refund/ Warranty Policy

Lawn Care Indianapolis

317Grow warrants and represents that it will perform the services under this Agreement in a professional manner and in accordance with reasonable professional standards for such services.  As such, the names and telephone numbers of the agents of 317Grow to whom problems and inquiries can be directed by Client are set forth in Exhibit C, attached hereto and incorporated herein.  317Grow warrants and represents that the Scope of Work to be provided by 317Grow will conform to the applicable Scope of Work set forth in Exhibit A.

317Grow shall provide Client with a credit toward the purchase of a replacement item in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the purchase price, including labor, for any item planted by 317Grow that does not live for one (1) year from date of final invoice.  

317Grow provides a (5) year warranty on all paver stone and wall system installations This warranty is in effect from the completion date of the project. If any paver stone or wall settlement occurs, within reason, it will be repaired as quickly as our schedule permits at no cost to the customer. 
All claims must be made: i) within the applicable time frame, ii) by the Client under this agreement and, iii) with proof of purchase. Credit is based on the actual price paid and will be given on a one-time basis. Credit will not be given for plants displaying common “seasonal die-back” that can be rejuvenated with proper pruning. No cash refunds are given. 

Warranty does not apply to annuals, perennials, ground covers, roses, house plants, live Christmas trees, plants in above-ground containers, sod and any items marked “No Guaranty” or sold wholesale. Client is responsible for maintaining and providing appropriate care such as proper watering, fertilizing, pest control, pruning, mulching and weeding. 317Grow reserves the right to inspect the plant and planting site. 317Grow does not warrant against losses due to vandalism, theft, mechanical or chemical injury, animal or pest damage, neglect or “acts of Nature” such as wind, hail, ice, lightening, flooding or abnormal temperature extremes. 

All proposals are to be accepted based on the warranty provided herein and no other warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is to be assumed by Client.