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2016 has been a year of exciting transitions for us here at 317Grow. In the midst of all the changes, it's refreshing to reflect on why we are here in the first place. I've collected thoughts from some of our staff about why they choose to work in the landscape industry in general and at 317Grow in particular.

Amanda Thieman Landscape Designer Indianapolis

"It’s one of the few careers where I can combine design with living material and plants. It gives me the opportunity to design and be artistic, and when I need to be more disciplined I have the business ownership side to keep me grounded and balanced.

I love that I work in a place that is inspiring, and I work with people who are inspired. We work hard and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. I like getting to be myself and working with other people who also have the freedom to be themselves. I can color my hair crazy colors and get whatever tattoos I want, and nobody judges my work ethic or ability."

-Amanda Thieman, Designer and Partner


"Passion for landscaping is what keeps me in this field. Whether it is planting flowers or helping change the entire landscape of the property. I have always viewed landscaping as a form of art, each property is a blank canvas. Each time we go to mow we can change the perspective of the property just by changing the direction we place the mow lines. In the spring and fall we plant flowers for customers, incorporating different color patterns each year. In the fall we plant new flowers again creating a new look to the property. These few simple tasks may seem like a yearly routine, but each time we go to a property we can see the design before the job starts. That kind of vision takes passion.

Passion isn’t the only thing that goes into why we do what we do. After a job is complete, we take pride in our work. The pride is shown in how much we put ourselves into our projects. Some projects might go a little longer than expected because we put ourselves into the job, making sure we get every detail right. When the job is finished and we get to see that we brought a client’s dream to life, that’s why we do what we do."

-Joey Shelley, Maintenance Superintendent

Landscape Designer Indianapolis Kelsey Behl

"I love working in the landscape industry because I love to make things. I love starting with a thought and turning it into something real and tangible. It is also fascinating to watch our creations change over time as seasons change and plants grow and mature.

I love working at 317Grow because I enjoy the challenge of wearing many hats (and shoes), and the casual nature of the work environment here allows me the freedom to be myself. No one else in this city designs like 317Grow. It's really great as an artist and designer to work for a company where there is no limit to what you can build. I enjoy working for a company with high standards that cares about all those little details."

-Kelsey Behl, Design & Project Support

Landscapers Indianapolis

"I love my job because not only do I get to play outside all day, but I am making this world a little more beautiful each and every day whether it's picking up trash, pulling a weed or planting a flower."

-Amber Shumaker, Maintenance Foreman

landscape maintenance indianapolis

"I discovered the landscape industry back in early 2003 and haven't looked back. The fact that I am not a 'corporate number' with is one major attribute about the small business environment that I love. I love the team of unique individuals, and love the varied skill sets. It's highly satisfying to be a part of a 'well-oiled machine' when we are all at our best.

I love the fact that I can utilize my artistic, technical, computer and mechanical skills in one field, and enjoy my time spent outside walking around amazing properties. This provides me with a meditative serenity that balances out the rigors and stresses of deadline-oriented expectations.  I love learning and growing as an individual.  I feel that my knowledge of our natural ecosystem is constantly improving, and will always stay with me."

-Patrick Swisher, Design Support

Best Lawn Care and Landscaper Indianapolis

"Creativity! It's everywhere at 317Grow, from the unique landscape designs we create to the creative approach we take to solving problems. In marketing, I have the freedom to make creative choices and take bold strides toward taking our communication efforts to the next level. It's a really exciting time to be with this company that embraces progress and is on the cusp of revolutionizing the landscaping industry.

I also love the family-like atmosphere we have at 317Grow. I look forward to coming in and seeing my work family, and genuinely have a good time doing what I do. The team at 317Grow lets me be me - that's not something you find at many companies."

-Lacey Nix, Marketing

personal gardener maria gulley

"I chose to work in the landscape industry because it blends two of my passions: nature and art/design. 317Grow is special because we stand out in both our respect for nature and in the way we push to be radically innovative and creative in our designs.

I love that I get to use so many of my different talents here with a mix of hands-on work getting dirty, seasonal design work, and even getting to write about what I love on the blog. 317Grow is a place where I can put my personal values to work in my professional life and feel supported, and there aren't a whole lot of places where I could do that so well. I am excited about where the company is headed and how I can be a part of that continual progress."

-Maria Gulley, Horticulturist

Landscaping, Lawn Care, Landscape Design Indianapolis

"I continue to consult with 317Grow because what they do is important to the community. It makes life more pleasant and growing plants is good for the planet. I like working with 317Grow because they embrace continuous improvement, and they are good, hard working people."

-Ray Wilson, Executive Advisor

“I like doing construction because I get to work with my hands. I learn new things every day from my coworkers.”
-Larry Jarrard, Construction Right Hand Man

“I love my job because I get to do construction and learn new things. At 317Grow I get to work with limestone and build walls and do other work like that. I like working for such an amazing company.”
- Juan Morales, Construction Field Worker

“I like being able to work with my hands. I like my coworkers, and I think 317Grow is a great company. At 317Grow I get to keep growing as a foreman.”
- Eric Soriano, Construction Foreman

“I like using the machines like the skid steer and mini excavator. That’s something I want to keep on learning next year.”
-Wilfredo Barrios, Construction Field Worker

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