Why Choose Design-Build?

317Grow is the premier landscaping company in Indianapolis specializing in landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Our team is with you from the very beginning of your project, all the way through the end. This is one of the biggest benefits of choosing a design build firm. Today we will dive into why choosing a design build firm like 317Grow is the best way to achieve the outdoor space of your dreams.


What is design build?

A design build firm is a firm that provides both the design and construction services to the client. Design-build is an alternative to design-bid-build. Under a traditional design-bid-build model, design and construction are split meaning they have separate entities, separate contracts, and separate work.

Pros of Design-Build:

Clients have one point of contact throughout the project which streamlines the entire process. In a traditional design-bid-build model, the client must act as a middleman between the designer and the contractor. This leaves more room for potential miscommunications and errors. In a design-build model, the designer and builder are able to work side by side in real time, leading to a faster completion date and also resulting in lower overall costs.

We do acknowledge that this method of delivery isn’t for everyone so it is important to see if this is the best way to achieve your project. Design-build requires a higher level of involvement by the owner throughout the entire process. This is true with other delivery methods but in this specific method it will require a shorter but more intense involvement from the client. If you are looking to create the outdoor space of your dreams and think the design-build method is right for you, contact us today so we can begin to design a one of a kind outdoor space just for you. Check out our portfolio or our project spotlights to see more of the work we do.


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