Transitioning from Traditional to Modern in Zionsville

When we first arrived at this Zionsville property, the landscaping was cookie-cutter suburban with tame, traditional plant choices and bed lines. No personality, no different from the neighbors. Our client wanted something fresh and new with special attention the the back yard, so our team put together an idea that transformed their property from humdrum to eye-catching. The before and after shots below show the difference. All

The first difference you notice coming up to the house is the entirely redesigned approach to the front door. A more structured, modern limestone block wall replaced the loose stacked wall from the old landscaping. A bed of knockout roses at the sidewalk level is absolutely covered in blooms in midsummer, and it helps pull you up the walkway. At the top of the steps and again at the base of the steps to the front door blocks of tightly packed boxwoods show that green in the landscape is anything but boring. Over time these shrubs will be trained to fill in on the sides, but we will maintain the distinct sphere shapes on the top for a unique textured look. New planters by the front door allow for seasonal pops of color.

2015-07-10 11.18.26.jpg

As you pull up the drive to the garage, a bed of hydrangeas brightens up the corner. A repeating pattern of purple-leaved ninebark and pyramidal boxwoods give foundation plantings a modern makeover. The tall arborvitae behind the wall were retained from the original plantings. They hide AC units, and they provide a vertical accent behind the wall and soften the architecture of the house. Speaking of screening, our client wanted a discreet way to keep their trash cans outside, so we created a custom barrier at the end of the driveway with a paved pad to avoid muddy messes.

Step around the side of the house, and you'll find yourself in a back yard made for intimate gatherings of friends and families. We used large square limestone pavers to make a modern path with an offset that is not only visually interesting, but also functional in how it helps guide traffic effortlessly from the driveway to the fire pit to the patio. The boxwoods from the front yard are repeated in the back to unify the design and to give the design a feeling of solidity and permanence. A mix of perennials fills some beds for light and hazy seasonal interest with varying heights and bloom times. The pictures at the end of the post include some more seasonal looks.

The back yard has two main seating spaces. The pergola-covered upper patio has an optional screen that can be installed for a more enclosed and shadier feel. The granite-edged limestone inset invokes an area rug to bring the indoors outside. Sleek and understated gray and white furniture invites you to sit down and relax. Out in the lawn the fire pit is a thoughtfully designed alternative to the typical circular pit, perfect for fitting in with the rest of the landscape. This concludes our tour of this simple yet satisfying modern landscape redesign, but enjoy additional views and details in the pictures below. Click on any photo to view it larger.

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