Indy Schools Get Learning Gardens

Students at William McKinley IPS School #39 plant spinach in their new learning garden.

Students at William McKinley IPS School #39 plant spinach in their new learning garden.

Sunshine, laughter, dirt, shovels, seeds and water - all the ingredients you need to grow a garden and an amazing interactive learning experience. This week two schools, William McKinley #39 and Global Prep Academy #44 at Riverside, opened learning gardens for their students.

By the end of the project, nearly 100 schools in the Indianapolis area will have these urban gardens, thanks to the non-profit Big Green and 317Grow. Big Green has built hundreds of gardens across the country, connecting students to real food, increasing academic achievement and driving community engagement.

317Grow is proud to be the exclusive builder of these interactive learning areas in Indianapolis for Big Green. We were fortunate enough to be on-site this week for the opening of two learning gardens; we saw joy from not only the students, but the teaching staff as well.


The learning garden's design and concept encourages students to be hands-on. They couldn't wait to get their hands dirty! This week students planted vegetables, including spinach, cilantro and garlic. Teachers learned about irrigation and how to keep the plants thriving.

Urban gardens, like the ones created by Big Green and 317Grow, are on the rise in Indianapolis, where the trend towards fresh, locally grown food doesn't show signs of slowing down.

Big Green plans to create around 100 learning gardens in the Indianapolis-area. While the first schools are in the IPS district, applications are still being accepted from all over the area. To apply for a learning garden for your school, have an administrator fill out the online application.

Big Green is made possible through generous donations and dedicated volunteers. To get involved visit their website.

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