Eco-Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation is a common project for us here at 317Grow. What is less common is a client requesting an environmentally friendly lawn renovation. To be sure, there are many practices businesses and homeowners can adopt to make any lawn more "green", but sometimes clients want to take it a step further.

Usually when we do a lawn renovation, we use RTF seed. RTF stands for rhizomatous tall fescue. This revolutionary grass seed is known for its drought and disease resistance, and its ability to spread quickly through its roots to repair thin and damaged parts of a lawn. On its own, RTF is already much more resilient and lower maintenance (and therefore more environmentally friendly) than the better known Kentucky bluegrass lawns, but to make this lawn even more low-impact, we mixed in a brand of grass seed mix called Eco-Lawn. Eco-Lawn has the drought and disease resistance of RTF, but it is also very slow-growing, which means it requires less mowing. On this lawn we used mostly Eco-Lawn with RTF mixed in to provide greater ability to fill in damaged spots. Below you can check out a slideshow of some pictures from planting last summer through its establishment in the fall. When we have a good spring photo to see how well it's doing this year, we'll update the post.

Interested in a lawn renovation? Whether you want an Eco-Lawn or something else, we are quite experienced in taking a yard from weeds or bare dirt to a lush lawn. Lawn renovation is great for construction sites or for overhauling a neglected and weedy lawn. Call us at 317-251-GROW or fill out a contact form to learn more about revamping your yard!

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