Cozy Carmel Back Yard

Carmel Landscape Design Blends Form & Function

We're well overdue for another featured project, so today we'll take a look at a home up in Carmel that epitomizes the trend towards fun and functional spaces for outdoor entertainment.

The landscape design on this Carmel home perfectly blends form and function.

The landscape design on this Carmel home perfectly blends form and function.

The walk up to the front door passes under a canopy of river birch limbs. To the left, a mixture of hostas and hydrangeas showcase variety and interest in a monochromatic color scheme while the yews on the right will be shaped into a solid block to provide structure in the winter.

The front door is livened up with annuals in the client's favorite hues of bright pink. The boxwoods in the containers act as a nice vertical accent to keep the landscape from being lost in the scale of the house.

If a sign on the front door tells you the party is already started out back, then you can head down the driveway where more annuals light up a shaded spot. Here again we have a mixture of evergreens, hostas, and hydrangeas for a mix of summer and winter interest behind the main show of the annuals.

The path to the back yard is made of limestone slabs set into turf punctuated by solid limestone steps to make the slope more walk-able. We love the rhythm here and the way the mix of plantings on the left soften the white walls of the house and make for an interesting walk.

As you round the bend, the main entertainment space comes into view, complete with fire pit, grill, fireplace, wet bar, and plenty of casual seating. The paving material switches from the pale gray of limestone to the muted slate blue of bluestone.

This gas-fueled fire pit stands out among fire features. Lava rock forms the main filler, but multicolored stone spheres sit on top to break up the otherwise boring circle, making this piece fascinating with or without flames dancing around the rocks.

Need some shelter from rain or sun? No worries, we've literally got you covered. Here we find more seating space and the bar. What you don't see is the fireplace built into the side of the bar facing the wicker furniture and the flat screen TV hung behind the bar. Built-in lighting means the fun can last far into the night. This view superbly highlights how even a color palette of greens can provide a variety of colors and textures and wonderfully set off the neutral tones of the home and furniture.

Take a step further back and you'll find even more seating and more planters for pops of color. We love how the separate clusters of seating allow for small groups to pick the ideal setting for the day or let large groups spread out for better socializing and conversation.

We conclude our tour back where we started with a view of the front from another angle. We chose to bring the planting beds out into the lawn to let the entire yard serve as a creative canvas. A mix of shade perennials and groundcovers thrive under this ash tree and extend the landscape to welcome visitors.

Ready to get your outdoor party started? Whether you're interested in an adult-oriented space like this one or the perfect area to set some kids loose, we're ready to make a design that fits your needs. Contact us at 317.251.GROW or fill out a contact form to learn more about working with us, and be sure to check out our portfolio and other project spotlights for more photos of our work.

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