Bringing the Resort Home

Summer may be ending, but with a well-designed landscape you can feel like you're on vacation all year long. At this house, what started as a call to replace some plantings around the house became a total redesign showcasing the creativity of our staff. They re-imagined the space in a way that not only created a unique and more attractive landscape, but also improved the functionality and maximized the limited back yard space.

The open, sunlit front yard shows off the beautiful home. Raised annual planters provide opportunities for year-round color. The daylilies in the foreground will send up firecrackers of yellow in July, and the rounded boxwoods will impose structure through the four seasons.

You'll be hard-pressed to find other parking spots as elegant as these. The driveway flows seamlessly into the landing that gives you room to pause and enjoy the space before you head to the front door. Take a seat on the sun-warmed limestone bench or smell the roses and annuals. The new landing and front walk emphasize the front door, so that your eye is directed to the beautiful entrance as you drive by.

Once you step into the back yard, your cares melt away, and you almost forget you're not at a private spa. The length of the pool directs your view out to the lake beyond the property. Chaise lounges await sunbathers, and the pool cabana beckons you into its cool shade. Arcing jets of water add a playful and soothing sound. The pale travertine strips set into the limestone deck breaks up the otherwise uniform ground plane without being loud or distracting.

carmel resort back yard
carmel resort back yard 3

We used a warmer toned stone (sandstone quarried here in Indiana) with more variety than our usual selection to bring some contrast and coziness into this retaining wall. Boxwoods line the wall to bring a gentle visual rhythm and soften the harsh edges of the walls and the house, as well as provide winter interest.

Kick back and relax in front of the TV inside the cabana. Draw the curtains to provide privacy and block some hot summer sun, or light a fire to drive off the chill in spring or autumn. A gaslight-style light fixture adds timeless ambiance and lets you stay outside late on a lazy evening.

No detail is left overlooked. As you step down from the pool towards the lake, you notice wall plantings of boxwoods, ivy, and annuals to transition to the lawn and add a splash of color. Originally the entire back yard sloped significantly toward the lake, which posed some challenges for creating the large pool space the client wanted. This terracing allowed us to make much better use of the space, and as an added bonus it invited the construction of our signature wall to add more visual structure to the design as a whole.

If you're ready to turn your back yard into the ultimate staycation space, contact us! Our skilled designers are known for their artistic style, attention to detail, and dedication to making your landscape more uniquely "you" than you could imagine. You can check out our portfolio and other project spotlights for inspiration.

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