April: Serviceberry

Our favorite spring-blooming tree here at 317Grow is probably Serviceberry. The white flowers are a crowd-pleaser, the dark red berries are delicious, the fall color is unbeatable, and it's a native species for Indiana. It's hard to get much better than that.

There are a few different species of Serviceberry growing in North America. The Canadian Serviceberry sticks closer to the east coast (although we can grow it here quite easily), while the Allegheny Serviceberry extends inland all the way to Minnesota and Iowa. The trees naturally grow as open, multi-stemmed trees in partially shaded forest understory environments. The berries ripen in June, which gives them their other common name: Juneberry. They are ready to eat when they're so dark red they're almost black, and they practically fall off of the stem when you pull on them. They have a sweet taste, kind of like a red grape.

Common Name: Serviceberry, Juneberry

Scientific Name: Amelanchier canadensis and laevis

Notable Varieties: 'Autumn Brilliance'

Light: full sun to part shade

Size: 15-25' tall and wide

Soil: tolerates most soils; some drought tolerance once established

Blooms: clusters of white flowers in mid to late spring

Other Notes: A. laevis is native to Indiana; the flowers attract pollinators, and the berries attract birds; the berries are edible for humans

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