3 Ways Professional Landscape Maintenance Works for You

At the end of a long day, there’s a sense of satisfaction to pulling up your driveway and seeing a well-tended landscape. It’s even more of a joy to be able to spend your evenings and weekends relaxing in a peaceful outdoor space. But it’s a lot of work to achieve those results. That’s where we can help with a full range of maintenance services from lawn fertilizer applications to a full-fledged personal gardener service. But are professional landscape services worth it? We think so, and here are three reasons why.

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Increase Property Value & Curb Appeal

First impressions always matter. You have probably heard statistics about how renovating your landscape can increase your property value, and that is definitely true, but the benefits of properly maintaining your existing landscape are often overlooked. Keeping weed-free mulch beds, well-trimmed shrubs, and a healthy green lawn is much less expensive than a total redesign, and it gives an excellent first impression. Not planning to sell your house just yet? Maintenance is more cost effective (and more visually effective) when it’s been kept up over time, so the sooner you start the better outcomes you’ll see down the road. According to a study through Clemson University, improving your landscaping from fair or poor to good can increase your property value by 8-10%, and improving your landscaping from good to excellent can boost the value by 4-5%.

Less Work for You

According to a survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 90% of Americans who have a yard believe it is important that it be well-maintained. But it takes time and effort to have the sort of landscape that makes you feel at home, or at the very least keeps the neighbors from complaining. But with busy schedules it’s hard to fit in yard work, especially if it’s something you don’t know much about or just don’t like to do. We have experts in all areas of landscape and turf maintenance on our staff, and we work with our team members to train them in the expertise they need to keep all of our properties in excellent shape.

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A More Enjoyable, Attractive Outdoor Space

Time and money matter, but they’re not everything. Ultimately, you want a space you feel good in. Our mission is to enhance people’s lives with the outdoor environment, and we take that seriously. Your yard is where you throw parties, play with kids and pets, have deep conversations, and enjoy the benefits of nature. With our team, you get experienced professionals in your landscape who can spot problems before they become disasters or recommend solutions to problem areas that have you stumped. We know what it takes to get your landscape looking and working the best it can for whatever goals you have for your property.

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