3 Reasons to Call a Landscape Professional Before Your Building Project

It's an exciting moment for you: you've finally decided to start a new building project - a new house on a blank slate, a total redesign of your existing home, that addition you've been thinking about for years - and of course you want to wrap it all up with a fresh take on your outdoor space. While your instinct may be to get all the building underway and then meet with a landscape designer, there are tremendous benefits and cost savings to involving a landscape professional from day 1 of planning a new project. Landscaping may be one of the last things to finish on a new project, but decisions made along the way have a significant impact on both the final outdoor product and your experience with installing a new landscape.

Our designers and production team put their heads together and came up with the three biggest reasons you want to talk to us from the very start of a project. The first two are more obvious: you'll save time and money. But there's another reason that we as designers find just as important - maybe even the most important: you'll get the outdoor space you really want.

1. You'll save time.

The sequence of work on a construction site is absolutely crucial to timeliness. Do you want lighting and sound throughout your space? It's easier to install conduits under sidewalks and driveways before they're poured than to cut your newly poured concrete or bore underneath it. Are you interested in large structures for outdoor entertaining? It's quicker to get all your permitting submitted at once than to wait and apply for separate permits for your landscape structures. We could come up with countless examples of specific things that go more quickly when we're involved from day one, but what it boils down to is that all contractors, landscaping contractors included, are working on the same site, and everything each one of us does affects the others. By having all parties at the table early on, your projects can be considered as a whole and can be planned more efficiently.

2. You'll save money.

As well all know, time is money. While not all the delays mentioned in the first point result in additional costs, many do. Let's say you have a narrow lot in downtown Indianapolis, and you're demolishing and re-building a detached garage and adding a paved patio to the backyard between the garage and the house. If you finish all the work building the new garage before you start talking to a landscape designer, our crews will be left moving all building materials through narrow gates by wheelbarrow. If we're involved from the start, we can coordinate to build the backyard patio much more quickly with heavy machinery after the old garage is torn down and before the new one is built, and then we can come in to do planting and detail work after the new garage is built. Granted, this is an extreme case, but labor is one of the biggest costs of any project, so any way to reduce labor requirements can have a big impact on your final investment.

3. You'll get the perfect landscape for you.

A good builder is great at understanding building code enforcement, livable interior layouts, how many outlets you'll really need, and so much more. What they are less experienced in is understanding how their choices affect the use of the outdoor space and knowing what questions to ask to draw out your needs and desires for optimal use of your entire property. Imagine you've spent months with your builder designing the perfect addition or new home, you're well underway with the building, and now you have the perfect idea for what you want in an outdoor space. So you call us, we send out a designer to meet with you, and we discover that the remaining space in the front yard simply won't accommodate a usable parking court like you wanted. Or maybe the swimming pool you thought would be just right won't fit while allowing safe space to walk around it and staying the required distance away from property lines and right-of-ways. Maybe there was a gorgeous old oak tree on your property that you wanted to save, and the contractors kept the trunk and branches in perfect condition, but they just didn't know that they were doing serious damage to the roots that could have been avoided with better project staging. We have many stories of properties that had so much promise, but where decisions were made just weeks or months before we came on board that significantly reduced the options for a well-designed outdoor space. Sometimes it's a minor tweak that would have helped, and other times major changes would need to be made, but at least when you involve landscape professionals from early on you can make the decision that's best for you with all of the information you need.

Here at 317Grow, our passion is to enhance lives with the outdoor environment, and for us to do that we need to be able to speak on behalf of the outside part of your property as soon as you start a project. Want to get started with us on reimagining your outdoor space? It's never too early to call! Contact us to set up an initial meeting to explore ideas and timelines. In the meantime, browse our portfolio to see our work, or see some of our in-depth project features for a closer look at how we bring our ideas to life. We look forward to working with you!


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