Make It Pop with Color

We pride ourselves in being able to make the best creative and functional use of small spaces, and this project in downtown Indianapolis really pushed us to our limits. At just 950 square feet, this may be the smallest back yard we have ever designed, and the front planting beds are even more limited. Our goal was to bring out the character of the house and the homeowners while getting the best use out of every square foot of horizontal and vertical space.

downtown indianapolis landscape design

The clients were most interested in keeping as much space as possible available for seating and gathering with friends. As a result, the planting beds and plant palette are very limited with a mix of a few different grasses and perennials. Planters on the patio provide opportunities for more green and to help the landscape extend upwards a bit to break up the walls. A sliding wood deck can cover the in-ground hot tub to shelter it or maximize patio space, or it can roll back to reveal it and let the water feature add visual and audio interest. Modern art breaks up the blank wall of the garage and provides a dynamic focal point that helps liven up the space.

Looking back the other direction, we have a more formal seating space tucked underneath the second floor of the home. A large table, overhead lighting, a grill, and a fireplace gives the feeling of a cozy, sheltered outdoor dining room. Looking up, the rooftop garden space is punctuated with blocky, modern furniture with brightly colored cushions to get you just a little closer to the sky.

Strong overall themes of horizontal lines and neutral colors establish a steady backdrop for the design, and occasional bright colors and unexpected shapes have much greater impact when contrasted with the rhythm of the walls and ground plane. Click on any of the images below for a bigger view. To see more inspiration, check out our other project spotlights and our portfolio. If you’re ready to get started designing a landscape that suited to your needs, personality, and property, contact us!

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