Project Feature: Outdoor Living

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Before Image

When we first descended on this property we noticed the lack of personality and character in the landscape. The fire-pit seemed to have been merely dropped in the lawn of the yard and the decking didn’t naturally blend in with the home. Our client wanted a one of a kind space that not only reflected their personality but was functional as well as aesthetically appealing, the complete opposite of their existing space. Our team worked hard from the design phase to the construction phase in order to completely transform this outdoor space.

Our goal was to give our client a space that not only naturally fit into the existing surrounding landscape but also flowed seamlessly from space to space. With this in mind we put a lot of thought into the color pallet, material selections, and circulation. We focused on using natural stones and native materials like blue-stone, limestone, and dolomite. With that same idea in mind we also kept the color palette simple and natural to match the existing landscape. We used different shades of greens, purples, tans, and grays.

Thornton Sketch1.jpg

When you arrive to this outdoor living space you will get to experience how simple it is to flow from space to space. Whether you are arriving from the basement, backdoor, or driveway you will have a clear and definite path to the next space. This outdoor living space is a perfect place for our client to hold gatherings of any kind with friends and family. You can sit around the fireplace, kick a ball in the lawn, or simply sit and observe from the deck. This outdoor space provides a secluded beautiful outdoor living space to our clients so if you are looking to transform your residential landscape into the perfect outdoor living space contact us today to schedule a meeting with our designer. We can then began to create a unique one of a kind space for you. In the meantime, you can browse our portfolio or check out other project spotlights for more ideas.

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