2018 in Review

2018 has been an eventful year for us. We’ve completed some incredible projects, hired some amazing new team members, struggled through an industry-wide labor shortage, and moved to a wonderful new location. We asked some of our team members what stuck out to them this year and what they’re looking forward to next year, and here’s what they had to say.


”I get to do the designs for the seasonal color program, and my favorite property to design for is one where pockets of bright colored annuals are mixed into the perennial beds around a circular lawn. It’s fun to play with different sizes and styles and colors to come up with a dramatic combination and then watch it grow in through the summer.”
-Maria, horticulturist

amanda ball buster.jpg

“A moment that stuck out was moving to a new location that is more efficient, clean, etc. etc. One project that stuck out was one where we had to remove a pool. The client was great to work with, the neighbors were kind, and the project went smoothly. The before and after has been fun to witness, and we get start another phase in the spring to witness even more of a transformation.”
-Amanda, lead designer and owner

Evelyn and Lucy.jpg

“In 2019 I'm really looking forward to just continuing to grow professionally. I've been at 317Grow since May and have gained so much knowledge in this field that I hope to continue that growth in 2019.”
-Evelyn, design assistant


“My favorite project was one where we built a permeable paver driveway. I had never built one before, and I liked learning to do that.”
-Tomas, construction foreman


“The moment that stuck out to me the most was when finally moved into the new office and shop. After everything was unpacked and ready to go it, felt like it was the right home for 317Grow. Oh and no more chickens running around and attacking people lol!”
-Sarb, accounting team

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