2017 Flower & Patio Show: Weathered

The Flower & Patio Show ended this past Sunday, but if you didn't make it out to our booth you can take a digital tour today. Our theme this year was "Weathered", and it focused on rust-toned reds and age-inspired blues. The layout relies on clean organization, straight lines, and directed views in contrast to the kind of hectic spaces we see all too often at the show.

gardens of growth indiana flower and patio show 2017 1
gardens of growth flower and patio show logo panel

Let's look at a couple of our focal points. Perhaps our most talked-about feature was the pair of live panels. These panels are from SuitePlants, a company that makes creative indoor-outdoor vertical garden solutions. We had on display two of their LivePicture models. Each frame has several molded plastic pockets for planting. The pockets are lined with a fabric that makes watering a breeze. You simply pour water into the frame though a single port, and it wicks through the fabric to water the plants for days at a time.

The painted panel with our new logo was another crowd favorite. Our own Kelsey Behl (design & project support) designed and created it. She used planks of different widths and coated them in different shades of blue to fit in with our weathered theme. These planks were then attached to black 4x4 posts for inconspicuous support. She projected the outline of the logo onto the board, and then used a variety of painting techniques to add life and character.

The bronze sculpture in our garden was created by Scott Westphal, a local artist. The design was inspired by legs in pantyhose ads, and we love its sleek, angular style. We had it on loan from the owner of the piece, but we love connecting clients to artists for specially commissioned pieces. The rest of our landscape speaks for itself, so have a glance through the gallery below and see what you missed or review what you loved. Want to start you own design? Give us a call at 317.251.GROW or fill out an online contact form, and check out our portfolio and project spotlights.


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