2016 Patachou Foundation Speakers Forum

We frequently work with the Patachou family of restaurants and the Patachou Foundation, and we're excited to be talking about their annual Speaker's Forum again this year. Last year we sent several of our staff to hear from Veronika Scott of the Empowerment Plan in Detroit talk about her journey to create innovative coat-sleeping bags for the homeless of Detroit, and it was an evening of insightful conversation and inspiration. Next Thursday (Feb. 18th) they will be hosting Jordyn Lexton of Drive Change NYC to talk about their efforts to make a difference one meal at a time and what they've learned along the way, and it's sure to be just as inspirational.

Jordyn started Drive Change after working as a teacher on Riker's Island and witnessing the struggles formerly incarcerated young adults face when trying to reintegrate into society. Drive Change trains these young people in culinary arts and food service through an award-winning food truck, Snowday, bought with funds raised through the group. With the skills they learn on the food truck, they become much more employable and able to continue to rebuild their lives on the right path. Learn more about Drive Change on their website, and learn more about Jordyn's talk at the Speaker's Forum on the event page.

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