2016 Indiana Flower & Patio Show: Simple. Sophistication.

This year's Indiana Flower and Patio theme is Tall, Dark, and Awesome. Our garden, titled "Simple. Sophistication.", seeks to meet this theme in a minimalist yet visually striking way. It often seems like designs at the Flower and Patio Show are a contest to see who can create the biggest, most outrageous design possible. That can be a lot of fun, and we have certainly taken advantage of this opportunity many times to try out ideas we might not get to use otherwise. We have built towering sculptures, intricate water features, lush tropical scenes, and all the rest. But this year we're taking it back to the basics. We are known in Indianapolis for creating and maintaining landscapes that are simple and clean, yet original and stunning, and we want to showcase that in this year's design. We brought it all back to simple interpretation of the most basic elements of design:

Clean Lines.
Repetitive Shape.
Clear Direction.
Consistent Texture.
Uniform Color.
Simple Tone.

317Grow has created a space that promotes relaxation while emphasizing sophisticated style. Take note of the simple use of material, the clean lines, and an exterior space that maintains year round interest and practicality. Simple design is not only awesome, but understated, and we know you will agree once you experience our space, whether here on the blog or in person at the show.

Step right into the garden on our limestone steps, edged with tightly sheared boxwoods for a creative accent of color and texture. Wall lighting on the steps increases visibility during the evening.

Off to the side, tulips tucked under the dawn redwoods create the feeling of a lush forest floor in springtime, which helps to create the peaceful atmosphere we're aiming for.

Looking down the limestone path punctuated with turf, you can see the central area of our garden. To the side, pyramidal arborvitae and boxwoods along with liriope create layers of height and texture while staying within the beautiful simplicity of a monochromatic green landscape.

We have arrived at the focal point of our linear design. A bar with seating and a lawn with a fire pit add space for relaxation and entertainment. The limestone path is interrupted by dolomite, which makes a pleasant crunching sound underfoot. Our pergola is made of custom fitted steel posts and beams with stained wood slats.

Let's take a closer look at the custom-built bar. The dark stained cedar and black seats echo the dramatic tones of the pergola. The stools are upcycled tractor seats, and their swivel design allows them to tuck under the bar when not in use to conserve space. All of the steel work on the bar and pergola were done in collaboration with A Squared Fabrication.

Laser-cut and weathered Corten steel panels with a black backing show our logo taking root and growing. LED backlights between the steel and the back provide a dramatic glow in the evening. They create a fascinating backdrop for the bar visible by passersby walking down the main aisle of the show.

Our signature rough-but-precise limestone wall and cap make up the fireplace. A gas fire burns through black lava rock. The tempered glass case with steel fittings provides extra protection, and in low light the reflections of the flames are fascinating.

All of the plants in our landscape this year are green, some with a bit of white. It may seem like an odd decision when everyone else is competing to add color with bulbs, tropical plants, and pansies, but we believe the simplicity of a monochromatic color scheme is anything but boring. Green is a color too, and by sticking with just one color we can showcase all the different tones and textures green plants can offer.

Like what you see? Excited to see more? Stop by the state fairgrounds and see us! You can buy tickets and see coupons on the show website. The show runs from March 12-20. You can also see more photos of the garden, previous shows, and other projects in our portfolio.

Saturdays - 10 am-9 pm
Sundays - 10 am-5 pm
Monday-Wednesday - 10 am-7 pm
Thursday-Friday - 10 am-9 pm

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